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June/July 2023

"I could make $11!" -Me

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taydrewit! queen charlotte illustration


Hello friends, I'm Taylor (she/they) and I'm a 15 year old self taught drawer, singer, writer and all around artisty type person in Northern California.

For the month of June, I'm opening up commissions of my hand drawn illustrations and they're being priced in a unique way called a Bumpsale!

The first person to commission an illustration pays $1, the second person pays $2, the third person pays $3, etc. This keeps going until y'all stop buying! The earlier you buy, the lower the price you'll pay.

Even at these affordable prices, when the button above reaches $100 I will have made almost $5000 this summer!

The button above shows the current price for a custom commission from me. The price on the button will change automatically as more people order.

Your mission: find this X on my payment confirmation page and click the heck out of it: payment confirmation page screenshot
Click here to get started!
What to Expect
What You Get
After you click the Buy Now button above, you'll see a secure payment form where you can enter your payment details. All transactions are processed and powered Stripe.


Once your payment has been successfully processed, you should be taken to a CONGRATS! page with an X in the upper right corner (click this text to see an example). Click that X to close the Congrats page and be taken to my thank you page. It has a form you can fill out to send me all the details about your custom illustration.

After I receive your illustration details, start your order (in the order it was received)

Here's what you'll get when you order:

1. I will draw a custom portrait or logo illustration in my art style with 3 revisions using Procreate

2. I will post an Instagram reel of the process of creating your drawing in Procreate

3. I will email you a PNG and JPG of your illustration within 7-14 days of your order depending on my schedule (I still have school and a life and stuff ya know)

If you still have questions, you can email me or connect with me on Instagram

taydrewit! portrait


custom digital portrait illustration done in procreate

taydrewit! kai portrait illustration


custom digital portrait illustration done in procreate

taydrewit! bumpsale logo


commissioned to redesign the logo for bumpsale. custom logo illustration done in procreate

taydrewit! bump/sail logo and animation


comissioned to design the logo for the bump/sail online video game. animated rocket and hand drew pixel art logo in procreate to match game design


Here are some folks that understood the assignment.

Rodney Blackwell (Bumpsale)

Wow wow wow! You did it in one take! Thank you for the dope logo design!


It looks so me-like! How'd you even do that???

Your Name Here


Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

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